Emily Carrington Freeman yearns to be a monk, but is frequently reminded that she is missing an Important Piece. Rather than accept an unprecedented indignity, she settles for swishing around Oxford in a long, black coat.

Such swishing is, perhaps, characteristic. Emily swished her way through two degrees at Balliol College, University of Oxford. Since graduating, she elegantly swishes her paintbrush hither and thither in an attempt to arrest the fleeting and beauteous.

She aspires to update this site often, lest her drawings sprout legs and run away. They appear in no particular order, but rather in a bit of a jumble.

Ladies and gentlemen – the artist hauls herself into the twenty first century, with the aid of minions unknown (they explain to her how the hashtag works, and the use of them is spiralling out of control) AND IS NOW ON INSTAGRAM. 

Please contain your excitement.



If this simply doesn’t whet your drawing appetite, and you desire something more flippant and unconcerned, visit the very bonanza of whimsical delight UNCONCERNED DRAWING

Be delighted by endless drawings of yours truly, the artist;

Be aghast by just how much gold leaf can be put on to one piece of paper;

Be deeply impressed by my other drawing projects and printed books.


However, if all you need are a few serious faces rendered with unparalleled brilliance, then hop over to my artistic portfolio. It’s so serious, it won’t take anything but my name. And if that isn’t enough, here it is in capital letters:-